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  • Collagen Stick 6″ PLAIN (10 per bag)


    In addition to providing mental stimulation and entertainment, collagen sticks also offer physiological benefits for your dog. As your dog chews, the collagen breaks down into peptides and amino acids that help: Reduce inflammation Increase mobility and flexibility Improve bone strength Support skin health and moisture retention Make your dog’s coat shiny Promote dental health through saliva…

  • Pig Snout – 10 pieces per bag


    Pig Snouts are 100% natural, rich in flavor, and offer your dog a premium chew. It’s slow roasted and features a crisp and puffy texture. This protein rich snack is digestible. Their natural textures and shapes also offer the added benefit of gently scraping away at plaque buildup.

  • Yak Cheese Puff (1 lb. bag)


    Yak Cheese Puffs  (1 lb. bag) Puffy, crunchy bites and above all tasty. Made from 100% natural yak milk straight from the Himalayas. No preservatives, gluten, soy, corn or GMO ingredients of any kind. High in protein and low in fat. Help keep teeth and gums healthy too.    

  • Braided Beef Cheek 12″ (5 pack)


    12″ Braided Beef Cheek (5 per bag)

  • Beef Bladder Disc (5 pack)


    These beef bladder discs are sourced from free range, grass fed South American cattle and are gently dried to create a durable chew for small breeds and puppies, and a moderately lasting chew for dogs over 25 pounds.  The beef bladder has been stretched out into a flat, round disc shape; this broad shape makes it ideal for dogs who tend to gulp large treats whole.

  • Chicken Sausage 6″- (10 pack)


    Chicken Sausage 6″

  • Lamb Weasand Twist – Pack of 20 pieces


    Lamb Weasand Gullet (20 pieces per bag) Lamb Weasand Gullet another great addition to our lamb line. 100% natural & healthy lamb dog chews Great for dogs with sensitive teeth or allergies Fully digestible lamb snacks are suitable for any size dog  

  • Beef Sausage 6″- Soft Thick (10 pack)


    Real beef is the only one ingredient. Free of grain, gluten, corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives Grain-free treat with no gluten ingredients for easier digestibility All-natural and high in protein Great for training and quick rewards!

  • 6″ Stuffed Beef Esophagus 5 pack


    Stuffed Beef Esophagus, otherwise known as a Beef Snackle, is a natural chew that features both esophagus and beef pizzle. The outer layer is esophagus and the center is a blend of natural, preservative free, bully sticks. Esophagus contains naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin, key benefits for joint health and support.

  • Beef Cheek Chips Chicken Basted 4″x4″ (10 pieces)


    Our Beef Cheek Chips Chicken Basted are much easier to digest making them a great alternative to rawhide. They are rich in collagen,  full of delicious flavor and Chicken Basted. They are additive free, chemical free and preservative free. Great for all dogs. Intended as a treat, not a food.  

  • Chicken Feet 20 pieces (12oz bag)


    Chicken Feet are all-natural dog chews that are high in protein yet low in fat. These fully digestible dog treats are 100% healthy and 100% safe for your pup. No chemicals, hormones or additives, these healthy dog treats are a natural source of glucosamine and aid in joint pain and mobility. Made only of all-natural…

  • Green Beef Tripe (1 lb bag)


    Green Beef Tripe (1Lb bag) (about 37 sticks) Green Beef-tripe is a very nutritious and crunchy treat for your dog. Improves digestive health Better absorbing and utilizing the nutrients in food Cleaning and flossing teeth while strengthening jaws Increasing appetite (for dogs on medication, feeling under the weather, or picky about food)