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100% All Natural Dog Treats

Bullysticks Organic is devoted to providing only the highest quality dog treats for mans best friend. Having a family dog who was always unable to enjoy any dog treats due to an extremely sensitive stomach, prompted us to research something she could enjoy, that didn't bother her stomach and at the same time was actually good for her. These products are the only ones our dog can enjoy without any side effects.

Since all our products are Free Range and All Natural they are all easily digestible. Our dog treats are all natural, chemical, hormone, and pesticide free. All our products come from South America where beef is not tampered with and is actually good for you. These cattle graze on the green fields and drink from fresh streams.

All our products are FDA, CFIA, and USDA approved. These nutritious treats are high in protein, low in fat and keep even the most energetic dog busy for hours. They satisfy a dogs desire to chew and drain them of destructive energy.

We pride ourselves on providing the best product for the best price!


1/4 sliced Antler dog chew (5/bg)


¼ sliced antler dog chew that is great for introducing your small-medium sized dog to antlers ..

12" Braided Bullystick (5/bg)

" Free Range" Braided Bullysticks for hours of enjoyment !!

6 Spring Bullysticks dog chews for wholesalers and retailers
6" Bully Spiral/Spring (10/bg)


6" Bully Spring dog chews are are fun your dog and will be sure to be one of their favorite treats !!

6" Standard Bullystick (10/bg)


"Free Range" Standard 6" Bullysticks dog treats that are good for your dog and will keep them busy for hours ..

Big Backstraps Bullysticks dog chews for wholesalers and retailers
Big Backstraps (5/bg)


Big Backstraps are great for medium-large size dogs and are sure to be one of their favorite treats !!